Professionel Cykel Bagskifter Tz50 5/6/7/ Hastighed Direkte Montere Mtb Bageste Mech Bagskifter Cykel Dele til Shimano Tilbehør

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product information

shimano tourney tz50 5/6/7/ speed direct mount mtb rear mech derailleur

Professional looks and performance, Shimano's Tourney rear mech offers so much more than its entry level price point suggests.

Suitable for 5,6 or 7 speed drivetrains, the Shimano Tourney Rear Mech features an oversized jocky wheel for improved service life and noise reduction.

Shimano's famous SIS rear index shifting provides the crisp, responsive shifts you expect from a market leader while the universal pull of the cable makes the Tourney mech simple to adjust.

The Tourney 5/6/7 Speed Mech is available in two mounting options to fit modern bikes with rear hangers and older bikes that require a direct mounted rear mech.

Shimano TZ50 Direct Mount Rear Derailleur


SIS rear index shifting

SGS cage can handle wide range gearing and up to 34T Cassettes

13 tooth pulleys offer long service life and less noise


Kingdom 58
Thank you, everything is fine. very fast delivery and quality for such a price, good.
So it costs not bad.
Berezovskaya 1976
Diezgan liela brīvkustība savienojumos.
Done neatly. It is clear that not Shimano, but a fake based on motives.

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