BUBM Bærbar Ekstern Harddisk Tilfælde, Rejse etui til 2,5 " Ekstern Harddisk HDD ,Power Bank, USB-Flash-Drev

Tags: BUBM, taske bubm, hdd enclosur, hp pavilion sata harddisk stik kabel, 2 esata, android samsung usb-flash-drev, lille ekstern ssd, usb memory stick c, mino usb-hukommelse, Ssd 1tb.

kr49.22 kr60.78
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  • p23022

  • 2 emner: Kabel-HDD Harddisk Pose
  • Emner: Kabel-Taske / Harddisk Beskyttende taske
  • Form: Pladsen
  • Type: Opbevaring Poser
  • Materiale: EVA
  • Post 3: Hard Shell EVA Regnskabsmæssige Opbevaring Rejse Sag Taske til Powerbank
  • 7 emner: Bærbare Harddisk Udvidelse Elementer SE Bærbare
  • farve: Sort / Blå / Grå / Pink
  • Mærke: BUBM
  • Funktion: Lager
  • Specifikation: 15*10*5cm
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • mønster: Tre-dimensionelle Type
  • 8 emner: Western Digital Carring sag
  • 4 emner: Ekstern harddisk-sagen
  • 5 emner: Harddisk tilfælde bære Rejse protector
  • Poster 1: Bærbar Ekstern Harddisk Hard Case
  • Gældende Plads: Stue
  • 6 emner: Ekstern harddisk kompakt sag
  • Produkt: Power Bank-Sagen
  • Bruger: Rejser
  • Model-Nummer: EKD
  • 9 emner: USB-Flash-Drev Sag

Matthias Herdel
Bought on sale 11.11. Chose gray color, at the same time after a day the seller said that gray color is not available, at the same time, he was still in stock on the store window. I agreed to black, although I bought it as a gift and I wanted a gray color. Delivery to Stavropol month, the track was tracked. Bought for 506,22 rubles., now, 09.12.2020, it costs 490 rubles, which once again confirms that the sale of 11.11 is just a marketing trick, no benefits.
This is very excellent case. I was really surprised by its very high quality. The case is big enough, has a rigid shell, and the inside is covered with some soft velour fabric. The materials used are of great quality. The HDD fits very well inside and doesn't move. I highly recommend this product.
Zork 174
The product arrived in good condition is small and compact the good quality is noted. Good use for cables and USB drives

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