Nillkin Kamera Glas Protector til Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus S20 Ultra A71 A51 Note 10 Plus Linse Protector Sikkerhed Hærdet Glas

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  • Funktioner: Anti Blue-ray
  • Type: Kamera Len Film
  • Bruger: mobiltelefon
  • Mærke: NILLKIN
  • Kant-til-kant Dækning: Ja
  • Kompatibel Telefon Brand: Samsung

Kamera Linse Screen Protector til Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra

ved Nillkin

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Alexgtr 333
Tupyl, did not understand how to glue it, in the end it was simple, we remove the film first, and then put the protection itself and then we glue it. Like norms, but while you smooth it, it's all elosite.
Sharma Gaurav777
Все Ок.

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