Spirit Beast Motorcykel Centrale Shell Ændring Tilbehør Til COLOVE 500F Nøglen Hovedet Retro Motorcykel-Tasten Dække Centrale Håndtere Shell

Tags: benelli trk 502 led, dyr motorcykel, passager motorcykel håndtag, indretning retro, beast ånd, super kondensator, fotos moto vintage, cb500f, motorcykel telt, motor cycle tilbehør.

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  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Item Bredde: 4.9cm
  • Item Længde: 4.9cm
  • Materiale Type: Aluminium Legering
  • Element Vægt: 0.05kg
  • Element Type: Dækker & Dekorative Lister
  • Model Navn: Låget L53
  • Item Højde: 1.4cm

Product Brand: SPIRIT BEAST Product Name: Spirit Beast Key Head L53 Product material: T6 aluminum alloy +304 stainless steel screws Product color: black red/black/black titanium/burning blue Product function: protection key Product application: COLOVE 500F Product Quantity: One (only shell, no key blank) Product net weight: 27G Product features: Effectively protect the fragile key head, prevent the key handle from being scratched, break away from the traditional plastic texture, and put on the metal coat to bring a leap-like improvement in the feel Note: The color will be different due to the amount of ambient light and angle, which will cause the picture to deviate from the actual product!Please understand, thank you

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